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The First Meeting

Most people have gone on a first date at some point. So you know the stress and questions you constantly ask yourself. “Will he like me? For that matter, will I like him?” “Where shall I take her?” “Is she the kind that likes such and such? How will she react if I do this or that? How will she react if I don’t do this or that?” With each question asked that has no knowable answer the stress levels rise.

Each new person, and each case, is a completely unique experience so you have no idea what to expect. It can also be stressful to send your car in for the first time to a new mechanic. This time you know what to expect – he is going to look at your car, give you an estimate and if you like that he will then proceed to fix your car. However, you still do not know whether he will do the job you need him to do, you do not know if he is the type of mechanic that will put on extras, and you do not know whether the estimate will go up or down. In both circumstances you have many questions. In the first you have stress and nervousness; in the second you have uncertainty.

The first meeting with a defense attorney may emotionally feel like a combination of these two examples. It is a service visit analogous to the mechanic but it is your life and potential freedom that are going to be serviced. It is like the date situation in that you probably have no idea what to expect and you are already in the most stressful situation of your life. Your internal questions are also probably many and varied. “What should I bring?” “What will they tell me?” “What should I ask?” “What should I tell them?”

When choosing a criminal defense attorney the first meeting is an important step in the process. First impressions are the most important, as they say, and we believe that our Tacoma based criminal defense attorneys will make a notable impression when they make every effort to bring your criminal case to a positive conclusion. During the consultation you should submit any documents in your possession that pertain to your criminal case and charge. Our Tacoma criminal defense attorney will gather as many facts relating to the criminal case as possible, but memories fade fast and physical evidence can disappear quickly, so call our Tacoma criminal defense attorney at Smith and White today to schedule a consultation right away.

At Smith & White, we do our best to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere for our consultations, knowing that some of our possible clients may find the experience intimidating and overwhelming. We explain everything to our clients as thoroughly as we can, and try to prepare them so that they understand their situation through every step of the court trial process, and advise them on how to best move forward. As your legal counsel it is our duty to represent you and defend your dignity before the court and through the whole legal proceeding. That is what you should bring and what you will be told. Your defense attorney will want to hear your whole story and you should ask whatever questions come to mind. In fact, you should continue that practice through the entire whole process.

The Law Offices of Smith & White, PLLC, holds the opinion that everyone should have access to excellent legal representation. Therefore, we price our legal fees so that they are extremely competitive. We accept all major credit cards and regularly arrange payment plans. We make our knowledgeable, bold, and experienced criminal defense attorneys affordable so you can get the legal result you want for your case. Call our law offices at 253-363-8662 or e-mail Smith & White – your expert case analysis awaits you.