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Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Stand With You

The Law Offices of Smith & White, PLLC, is an elite criminal defense law firm, serving Tacoma and surrounding areas of Washington. When you’re facing criminal charges, you will get the most favorable outcome from a compassionate advocate who can deliver reliable advice and fierce representation.

Our attorneys have broad experience with all types of crimes, including DUI, domestic violence, drug offenses and serious felony charges. We take pride in offering affordable, supportive counsel to our community. You can count on us to stand by you in your hour of need.

Defenders For The South Sound Region and Beyond

Smith & White operates from a main office in Tacoma, while also maintaining an office in Vashon. Our partners are a daily presence in the criminal courts of Tacoma/Pierce County and Thurston County, as well as Kitsap County and southern King County.

James White held a public defender position in Kent before serving in the Seattle courts, while also holding a position at a private DUI defense firm in downtown Seattle. He also has a breadth of experience with Kitsap County courts, and is excited to see that Kitsap has implemented efficient procedures to ensure it’s one of the most progressive courthouses in the state. He’s well-versed in immigration and asylum issues, and has experience defending and working with individuals living with mental illness.

Derek Smith crafted many of Kent’s current procedures in his time there as a prosecutor, before spending a decade working in Seattle. Due to his stellar work defending a complex case in Thurston County, he is often contacted to handle Olympia and Thurston cases. He has also handled cases in Mason, Kittitas and Benton Counties and is passionate about taking on cases that he feels strongly about, no matter where they are.

Read more about our legal team and their credentials:

Derek Smith

Derek Smith

Derek served 15 years as a criminal prosecutor, which helps him challenge the government’s evidence. He is a recognized authority on Washington state gun laws and protection orders.

More About Derek
James White

James White

James has spent his career as a public defender and criminal defense lawyer. He leads our DUI defense team and also handles criminal cases that threaten immigration status.

More About James
Danely Bravo

Danely Bravo

Ms. Bravo has always sought to help the underserved and the underprivileged. As lead paralegal, she serves persons wrongly accused of a crime, ostracized from their family because of an allegation, or who have difficulty understanding the legal system.

More About Danely

Telling Your Story To Protect Your Future

As a defendant, you need a chance to tell the most thorough and compelling story you can. Unlike an overworked public defender or law firms that only dabble in criminal law, Smith & White practices exclusively in criminal defense and has the courtroom experience and resources to advocate for you in a strong and strategic way. We have a full staff that includes a former law enforcement investigator, two veteran trial lawyers and certified paralegals.

Our team is devoted to guiding you through the often difficult and confusing state or federal court systems. We are completely dedicated to eliminating or reducing your jail time, fine, probation, treatment, or other court obligations.

The First Meeting With A Defense Lawyer

Most people have had the experience of a first date. Butterflies about what to share and what to ask. Will this person be a good match or a dead end? Most people have also experienced the anxiety of finding a new car mechanic. Can this person do the job I need them to do? Will they be honest with me and earnest in their work, or will they just take my money without fixing the problem? 

The first meeting with a defense attorney may feel emotionally similar to those situations. And it’s even more stressful because your life and potential freedom are on the line. At Smith & White, we understand that first impressions are important. We do our best to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere for our consultations, knowing that potential clients may find the experience intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you have never been to court or never been in trouble with the law.

We take the time to explain everything in detail and in plain language, so that you understand your situation, what will happen at each stage of the process and now to best move forward. As your legal counsel it is our duty to represent you and defend your dignity before the court and through the whole legal proceeding. You should bring any documents in your possession that pertain to your criminal case. We will take it from there.

Expert Consultations And Affordable Defense

We believe that everyone should have access to excellent legal representation. Therefore, we price our legal fees to be extremely competitive. We accept all major credit cards and regularly arrange payment plans.

We know that people make mistakes and bad decisions. Police make errors. Prosecutors and judges make assumptions. The criminal justice system doesn’t always treat everyone equally. We want to give you every chance to be treated justly. The Law Offices of Smith & White, PLLC, offers an expert consultation, no matter what your offenses or history. Call us today at 253-363-8662 or use the email form to reach out today.