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Immigrant Criminal Defense In The Tacoma Area And Beyond

When a U.S. citizen is convicted of a crime, they serve the punishment and go on with their life. When a noncitizen is convicted of a crime – even a seemingly minor crime – it may affect their immigration status and lead to removal proceedings (deportation).

Are you are an immigrant or a family member of an immigrant who has been arrested or questioned in connection with any crime? Contact our Tacoma law office immediately for skilled representation and dependable advice. Hablamos español.

Many “Minor” Crimes Are Deportable Crimes

The Law Offices of Smith & White, PLLC, has defended lawful permanent residents (green card holders), nonimmigrants living in Washington on student visas or temporary work visas, and noncitizens who are living in the U.S. without permission.

Whatever your immigration status, it may be jeopardized by criminal charges. Major crimes like rape, robbery, drug trafficking or human trafficking will result in automatic removal from the United States and a bar from re-entry if the person is convicted. But many misdemeanor crimes and low-level felonies are classified by the federal government as deportable offenses. An immigrant (legal or illegal) could potentially face deportation as a result of an arrest for:

Even if you are not deported, offenses that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services consider “crimes of moral turpitude” could prevent you from adjusting status or applying to become a citizen in the future. We help you deal with it now to avoid trouble later.

What Are The Consequences For Your Immigration Status?

Many criminal cases are resolved by plea negotiations (pleading guilty to a lesser offense to avoid the penalties of the greater offense). Unfortunately, many immigrants agree to plea deals without realizing it could trigger removal proceedings or put them in a bad position if they are arrested for a different offense in the future.

Our lawyers will examine your situation to make sure you understand the immigration consequences before making any decisions about your case. We will make every effort to dismiss or reduce the charges so that it does not affect immigration status. In some cases we can reopen old convictions or plea deals to remedy an immigration problem. Our lawyers are always prepared to go to trial if necessary to fight for our clients’ freedom

Get An Expert Consultation. Spanish Speakers On Staff.

Smith & White is a trusted resource for the Hispanic/Latino community in Pierce County and surrounding counties of Washington. Attorney James White speaks Spanish and several members of our staff are bilingual. Mr. White has helped many immigrants remain in the United States after facing deportable charges.

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