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Case Results

These are some of the results achieved by the Tacoma criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Smith & White, PLLC. Needless to say, results may vary as every case is fact specific.

Murder in the second degree – not guilty: client charged as a participant after a knife fight resulted in another’s death. Defense able to show client was not involved in decision to seek revenge on victim.

Four count of assault in the first degree – not guilty: client charged with four counts of assault in the first degree after he fired four shots during an exchange of gunfire at a local club. Defense able to show, from a lack of damage to the building, that the shots were fired in the air as warning shots.

Countless assault 4 (domestic violence) dismissals because the government is unable to rebut the self-defense claim of the client. Once any credible evidence raises self-defense, the government must disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt. In state cases, the government must pay you back the cost of your defense if they go forward to trial and you are found not guilty for self-defense reasons.

Robbery in the first degree – not guilty: client charged with forcibly taking a van from another person and acquitted at trial after the defense was able to impeach the victim.

Countless DUIs reduced to Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving: With a 100 point checklist, the opportunity to find some procedural or legal irregularity that can have the case reduced is high. WE review all the steps that law enforcement must follow to validly prosecute you for DUI.

Assault in the second degree (domestic violence) – dismissed: client charged with strangling wife and threatening to shoot her. Convinced prosecutor about factual discrepancies and legal deficiencies.

Assault in the second degree (domestic violence): Guided client through treatment and used this to negotiate diversion, a major reduced plea bargain.

Residential burglary (domestic violence) and felony violation of a no-contact order: client plead to misdemeanor violation of a no-contact order after able to use two separate experts to create doubt as to clients ID.

Robbery 1 with multiple points (presumptive 5 year sentence) reduced to Robbery 2 with virtually time served after defense was able to impeach the alleged victim: Defense showed the alleged victim had contact with law enforcement after the claimed incident and failed to mention the supposed serious, life threatening offense.

Two cases dismissed in one court and able to end probation in another court after explaining the legal shortcomings of the dismissed charges to the probation court.

6 charges dismissed in 3 different courts for the same client after making numerous and varied legal challenges from loss of evidence, procedural irregularities and mental illness.

Robbery 1 and assault 2 dismissed day of trial: Prosecutor still went forward on misdemeanor vehicle prowling. Jury found client not guilty there too. Defense was able to raise doubt that the client knew his friend was armed, nor had any involvement, other than mere proximity, in his friend’s criminal activity.

At Smith & White, we believe we have “won” 100% of our cases. Why? Because we always listened to our clients and get the result best suited to their situation. If they do not want a plea bargain then we take their matter to trial. Our clients always know what the likely evidence will show and what the possible outcomes can be. Do we guarantee a specific plea bargain or a not guilty in every trial? No lawyer can do that. But we do guarantee to understand your goals, counsel you accordingly, and work for the outcome you desire. Call us at 253-363-8662 or send us an email to discuss your circumstances.