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DUI Client to do List

1. Alcohol/Substance Abuse Evaluation

  1. Contact the Alcohol Evaluation Agency to whom we directed you. Set up an evaluation.
  2. Evaluator should ask us to provide the police report and criminal history to the evaluator.
  3. You should take your “Driver’s Abstract.” One is available from any Department of Licensing branch office or can be downloaded from WWW.DOL.WA.GOV.
  4. Do not sign a release of information to anyone other than Smith & White, PLLC.

2. The Recommended Treatment

  1. Once we receive the narrative evaluation, we send you a copy; read it and the cover letter. It will recommend one of the following:_____ N.S.P. or “No Significant Problem.” You are still required to attend Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS). This is 8 hours and is on a single day. This is the minimal requirement for a DUI type charge, often reserved for first time offenders._____ Relapse Prevention / Early Intervention. This may be a custom-fashioned program between 1-9 months, starting as weekly sessions to address abuse issues.

    _____ Significant Problem: More involved program may last 6 months to 2 years. 2 years of treatment is required if you intend to petition for a Deferred Prosecution.

  2. Sign up for the recommended “treatment” or actual treatment right away. This is critical to negotiating your case. This does not need to be at the treatment provider who evaluated you. Find something convenient from home or work. Many alcohol treatment is covered by Applecare so shop around for a provider that is covered by your insurance.

3. DUI Victims Impact Panel

  1. This is a presentation by those who have been greatly affected by a DUI driver (like having a loved one killed) or even by the DUI driver themselves on how drunk driving greatly impacted their lives.
  2. Sign up for this program as soon as possible. Sometimes a COMBINED ADIS/ DUI VICTIM PANEL is available if you would prefer one long day.
  3. This program is very useful for sentencing, and expressing to the judge the impact.

4. Department of Licensing Hearing

  • Many feel the Department of Licensing Hearing is rather unlikely to be successful and you are better off directing the $375 towards your ignition interlock license. Consult with your Smith & White attorney on this issue before making this decision. However, you only have 20 days to put in for the hearing so you will need to act quickly.
  1. POST OFFICE: On or immediately before 20 days from the date of your arrest, you must go to a post office and mail the request for a hearing that was provided to you. If the Request for a Hearing is mailed even one day late, your license will be suspended.
  2. CHECK FOR $375: Include a $375 check to the “Department of Licensing” in that envelope. If you use a money order, be sure to keep the receipt of the money order. The check must not bounce, or you lose automatically.
  3. “Certified Mail”: Make a copy of what you are mailing and make sure to send it certified so you have proof of mailing. This will allow you to prove that the mail was post-marked by the 20th day after the date of arrest.
    A few weeks later…
  4. GET THE PACKET TO OUR OFFICE: Once you receive the packet please deliver it to us by e-mailing the entire packet to our paralegal, Danely. Or you can FAX us at 844-331-1637.