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Legal Strategies to Avoid Jail for the Accused


Being accused of a crime can be a daunting and life-changing experience. The possibility of incarceration, either in jail or in prison, may weigh heavily on the accused and their loved ones. However, several legal strategies can be employed to reduce or eliminate the possibility of jail time. There are a number of ways the Tacoma Defense Attorneys at Smith & White, PLLC can help eliminate the fear of jail. This article will explore a variety of such methods, from pretrial diversion programs to alternative sentencing options.

  1. Pretrial Diversion Programs

    In Washington State, pretrial diversion programs offer an alternative to the traditional criminal justice process. These programs are designed to rehabilitate offenders without the need for a trial or the imposition of a criminal sentence. Participants typically agree to complete specific requirements, such as community service, drug or alcohol treatment, or counseling. Upon successful completion of the program, the criminal charges may be dismissed, effectively keeping the accused from going to jail.

  2. Plea Bargaining

    Plea bargaining is another strategy that can be employed to avoid jail time. In this process, the accused agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a more lenient sentence. This method is often used when the evidence against the accused is strong and the chances of acquittal at trial are low. Plea bargains can result in reduced charges or probation instead of incarceration, depending on the specifics of the case and the negotiation skills of the defense attorney.

  3. Deferred Prosecution

    Deferred prosecution is an option for misdemeanor allegations in Washington State. In this arrangement, the court agrees to postpone the sentencing for a specified period, during which the accused must comply with certain conditions. These include drug or alcohol treatment and/or mental health counseling. Although this option requires 5 years of probation, If the accused successfully completes the required conditions, the charges will be dismissed allowing the individual to avoid jail time.

  4. Mental Health or Drug Court

    Washington State has specialized courts, such as mental health and drug courts, that focus on addressing the underlying issues contributing to criminal behavior. These courts offer treatment programs and support services tailored to the specific needs of the accused. Participation in these programs can lead to reduced sentences or even the dismissal of charges, provided the individual complies with the court's requirements and shows progress in their treatment.

  5. Alternative Sentencing Options

    Finally, alternative sentencing options can be explored to keep an accused person from going to jail. Some of these options include electronic home monitoring, work release programs, or community service. Judges have discretion in sentencing and may be open to considering alternative punishments, particularly for first-time or non-violent offenders.

  6. Fighting the Charge

    Sometimes you just need to fight the case and win to avoid jail time and/or prison time. We have a number of legal strategies for winning cases at trial. Both the partners at Smith & White, PLLC are tested by trial. Each has many years of experience arguing cases to judges and juries.


Facing criminal charges in Washington State can be a frightening experience, but there are various legal strategies available to reduce or eliminate the prospect of jail time. By working closely with a knowledgeable defense attorney, the accused can explore options such as pretrial diversion programs, plea bargaining, deferred prosecution, specialized courts, or alternative sentencing arrangements. These strategies can offer a second chance for the accused, allowing them to address the issues that contributed to their involvement in the criminal justice system and move forward with their lives.

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