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Zero Tolerance

Mary has always been known as the “good girl.” She is a stellar student, always makes curfew, obeys all laws, and does her best to please others. Despite being the perfect embodiment of the term “teacher’s pet,” her peers admire her.

With her senior year of high school drawing to a close, Mary has much to be excited for. College is just around the corner, but first, instead of attending the usual post-graduation festivities, she plans to celebrate graduation and her 18th birthday in tandem with her best friend, Nancy.

When Nancy arrives at Mary’s house, Mary learns that they are going to be seeing a romantic comedy starring this year’s latest and greatest hunk on the planet,_________________(you fill in the blank). Before driving to the theater, Nancy further surprises her with champagne purchased by her older brother, Rodger, for the special occasion. Mary has never had alcohol before, but with a little coaxing, she eventually raises a glass (or 2) of the bubbly, and turns out, delicious beverage, to graduating and becoming an adult. Soon after, she settles into the driver’s seat, turns on Katy Perry (at a reasonable volume, mind you), and she and Nancy back out of the driveway, excited for their night at the cinema.

Within two miles of the theater, Mary is pulled over for a broken tail light. What started out as a great night, quickly takes a turn for the worse, because although she had not been driving erratically, the officer smells the alcohol on her breath, and upon seeing her age, and learning that she had had some drinks earlier that evening, he has no choice due to the Zero Tolerance Law, to take her in. She has never heard of the term “Zero Tolerance,” and is unsure of what she can do to salvage her poor introduction to adulthood.

Although Mary is a fictitious character, there are plenty of “Marys” out there who have found themselves in similar situations. Tacoma DUI Attorneys, including the attorneys at Smith & White, are very familiar with the term “Zero Tolerance.” Now, there may be people out there who are over 21 who feel knowledge of this law does not apply to them. Well although that may be true in its most basic sense, this law is meant to have a positive impact on all travelling our roads today.

Zero tolerance is a DUI policy that is enforced throughout the United States of America, in an effort to keep those under the age of 21 from driving during or after the consumption of alcohol. More literally, although it may vary slightly by state, in the state of Washington, the zero tolerance Blood Alcohol Concentration level, more commonly known as BAC level, is 0.02. This means that a minor found with this level of alcohol in their system should be prepared to face some severe repercussions, possibly including jail time, and/or the loss of their license until the age of 21. If you have found yourself in this position, Smith and White are two veteran Tacoma DUI Criminal Lawyers, who are prepared to discuss the details of your case.

According to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board “In Washington State if you are under 21, you don’t even have to be buzzed to be busted.” Although this law is meant to protect you as the driver, and those around you, it can still be daunting to journey through the legal mess that is now before you. Pierce County DUI Lawyers at The Law Offices of Smith & White, PLLC, will take the journey with you, and help you push through to the other side. For more information, please consult the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, the article titled, “DUI, DWI and Zero Tolerance Laws by State”, or contact The Law Offices of Smith & White, PLLC, today.