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Articles Tagged with Effects of Domestic Violence

Getting arrested for domestic violence assault or any crime designated as assault is frightening. Washington takes domestic violence very seriously. Not only are you facing the usual jail time and fines you would face for any crime. You may also be facing a mandatory treatment program, extra fines plus the stigma that a domestic violence brings from others including family and friends. If there were children involved it gets even scarier as you wonder how the state will handle that and whether you may lose your children. You will need someone to hear your story, counsel you as to your best defense strategy and fight to get you your best result possible.

If the children are suspected to be victims of the violence then it is obvious that the state will take this seriously. But, even if they were never the victims, but rather only witnesses it will still cause complications and may threaten your custody. This is due to the effects that just being a witness to domestic violence has been shown to cause in children. There are emotional, physical, developmental and behavioral effect that have been shown through statistics to be very high in children that witness domestic violence.

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