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What to Check for When Looking for a Tacoma Defense Attorney – DUI or Otherwise

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | DUI

You’re being either accused of DUI or are under investigation for a crime. Perhaps you’ve even had to go through the stress of arrest and arraignment. This is the most stress you’ve probably ever been under. You’re worried. Your family is worried. Your friends are worried. Everyone is saying, “Get a lawyer.” You want to follow this advice. You realize that a defense attorney on your side would be a good idea to have. But the task is daunting. There are several attorneys in the area and you have no idea how to choose one. Most of this will be what you will want to consider no matter what the crime is that you’re under suspicion of.

There are a few things to consider. These may sound fairly obvious, but you’re in a situation where the obvious doesn’t always feel so obvious.

First, you will want to examine whether or not the lawyer is experienced.

You will also want to consider whether that experience is in the area that you need help in. The law is very complex. You have probably noticed that, like doctors, there are specialized lawyers. This is due to the law’s complexity. Although all lawyers do study a little of all of it, it would be impossible for any lawyer to have thorough knowledge and expertise in all of it. If you’re facing criminal charges would you seek the help of a bankruptcy, divorce or personal injury lawyer? No, of course not; you need a criminal defense attorney. Even in that area the complexities are numerous. For example, have you ever examined the DUI law in Washington state? It’s spelled out in RCW 46.61.502 and is complex in and of itself plus it refers to other related laws (also complicated) which will in turn point to other laws. That’s not even counting the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).  Also, there are a whole separate set of RCWs and WACs that apply to your DOL hearing and license status.  That is not to mention case law.  Did I mention the Rules of Evidence that have entire treatises written just about them?  You want someone on your side that has the appropriate firsthand knowledge of how to work within this complex framework. The same will be true of any crime.

Next, it’s a good idea to see what their colleagues and past clients have said about them. Conveniently, there are a few website that gives this information. You can look directly to the firms website for some testimonials.  There are additional reviews on Yelp, Google Plus, AVVO and the Better Business Bureau among others.  You will also want to find out how you feel you would get treated, counseled and defended by any particular attorney. The best way to do this is to set up a face to face consultation. When you set that up, you have an opportunity to meet your attorney for the first time. Bring as much information about your case as you can.

Lastly, you will of course want to consider cost. If you only wanted cheapest you would probably be trying to find out if you qualified for a court appointed lawyer. They are fine lawyers after all but since you’re looking around it seems that you are already aware that they have hundreds of cases and although they will give your case all the attention that they can it will generally be less than you could get from a private attorney simply due to the difference in workload. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the highest “price tag” immediately means that you’ve found the best lawyer. It’s usually advisable to consider all the other criteria already mentioned and then decide whether the cost is within your means.

You may be wondering at this point how the defense attorneys at the law office of Smith & White, PLLC match against the mentioned criteria?  Here, at Smith & White, PLLC, both attorneys are very experienced in criminal defense. Between the two partners, there is a combined experience of nearly 40 years. Those decades of experience have included the spectrum of criminal charges from Murder case, serious violent offense to Domestic Violence and  DUI cases. On our reviews, both attorneys have ranked superb and both have received numerous positive client testimonials and client reviews. You are also able to set up an expert consultation. Your case will get a preliminary review and you will discover that the law office of Smith and White, PLLC does indeed provide compassionate counsel. Your best strategy will be discussed as well as what will be done to get you the best result possible – that’s where you will get a glimpse of their passionate defense. We also understand that payment is also something you’re considering. Fees will be discussed at the consultation. Fees are determined case by case. It will almost always be a flat fee. Nothing will be hidden from you. For more on fees see https:/legal-fees/  Please call Smith & White, PLLC – the first consultation is free.