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Respecto al uso general de “borrar antecedentes penales” es importante distinguir que, si usted es residente del estado de Washington, eliminar o borrar su “historial criminal” solo es posible en casos de delitos por los que usted nunca fue condenado. Si existió una condena, no existe la posibilidad de eliminar esos antecedentes. Sí, existe sin embargo la posibilidad de revocar o revertir la condena pero no se borra, no es como si nunca hubiese existido.

Este proceso involucra peticionar ante la corte (enlace en inglés), no ante la Patrulla del Estado de Washington.

A continuación, abordaremos el hipotético escenario en el que usted haya sido condenado y esté evaluando la posibilidad de revocar sus antecedentes penales.

Cómo peticionar

Los pedidos concernientes a la revocación de antecedentes deben hacerse ante la administración de la corte que emitió la resolución. Por lo tanto, solo la corte que trató su caso podrá considerar pedidos referentes a este. Cuando hay casos en más de una corte, debe acudirse a cada una de ellas.

El éxito de una petición de revocación de un antecedente dependerá del tipo de delito y la corte que dictó el veredicto (de adultos o juveniles).


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¿Puedo borrar antecedentes penales en Washington? Opciones si usted no fue condenado.Shredded-Paper

Lo primero que hay que aclarar antes de abordar este tema, es que existen dos términos que parecen ser lo mismo, pero no lo son.

En inglés, estos términos son “expungement” y “vacation”, y en español muchas veces son traducidos como “borrar antecedentes”. Sin embargo, puede ser más entendible pensar en sus traducciones como “suprimir” y “revocar”.

La posesión de armas de fuego en Washington es considerada un derecho y privilegio por ser residentes legales de suelo norteamericano. Ciertas ofensas, sin embargo, acaban con estos privilegios.

¿Qué razoFirearm-300x210nes pueden hacer que pierda mi derecho a tener armas de fuego?

La legislación del estado de Washington menciona expresamente personas y circunstancias en las que la posesión de armas de fuego es ilegal.


Local DUI Defense Lawyers to Reimburse Rides Home from Beer Festival

DUI defense attorneys Smith and White will reimburse rides home from the Brew Five Three Beer and Music Festival this Saturday, the Tacoma law firm recently announced. The firm will cover up to $20 of a cab or ride-share ride for the first 20 people who submit receipts.

How to avoid a DUI offense

It’s summer time and we’re all eager to get outside, enjoy the nice weather and inevitably crack open a nice cold beer, preferably in the company of good friends. Tacoma’s legendary Brew Five Three Beer and Music Festival is quickly approaching and as a proud sponsor, we believe in DUI education for anyone who plans to attend. The truth is, no one ever PLANS to get a DUI. But arming yourself with the knowledge and understanding of a DUI may be helpful for you OR a friend in the improbable case one of you receives a DUI. Our number one goal at Smith and White is to keep you safe and protect our clients – by educating you on why you should never drive under the influence and what’s a stake if you decide to do so.

How to prevent a DUI


By James J. White, Directing Attorney at Smith & White, PLLC.

It can be bad enough you did not realize you were on probation. But many cases do have a “stealth” probation. You do not have a probation officer, you do not need to do anything affirmative for the court, yet you are still on probation. You maybe did not know or totally forgot and then something unexpected happens.

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Crime bosses always seem to have plenty of money.  I’m trying to think of one movie or series where the crime boss ran out of money.  Since he has plenty of money he always has the best lawyers.  I’ve been doing this 20 years.  If I’ve ever had a crime boss for a client he was too professional to let me know.

What I do know is that as soon as the Government charges you with a crime that would be an ongoing criminal enterprise, like being a drug dealer, embezzler, forger (think Catch Me If You Can) or all around crime boss, they also immediately, and sometimes before, seize or freeze all your assets.  So, once that happens it is too late to pay for the best lawyers.  Right when you need them finally.  All the fancy cars, houses, weapons, jewelry, etc are worthless (to you, the government agents are loving it all).  They are seized.  And you cannot afford a lawyer to get them back for you.  Continue reading


I do not give people my “elevator speech” when they ask for it.  Who wants to “market” themselves?  I mean who wants to market themselves with pithy quotes and pretty words?  We have some but what does “Compassionate Counsel, Passionate Defense” tell you about what I can do for you with your criminal case?  Yes, we are good listeners.  Yes, we do get behind your cause.  How does good fellowship and attentiveness benefit your case?

But I have been listening for about two decades now to thousands of clients.  And I am always on your side.  And one of the most common occurrences when listening to my clients and reviewing the evidence (against them) is that they often have excellent, winnable cases UNTIL we get to what they themselves said to law enforcement.  Add in what they may or may not have done at the direction of law enforcement and it’s just a few more thrusts with the shovel.  Continue reading


There has been plenty of press about the opiate epidemic that has swept the United States.  CDC opioid death statistics.  How the doctors neglect to warn people about the addictive properties of the painkillers which they are liberally prescribing and whether the FDA should approve such addictive substances to begin with are the subject for another article.  Deceptive Marketing of Drugs.  The hard truth that we must face, regardless how we got here, is that there is a crime wave that accompanies any opiate epidemic.

Fortunately, the vast majority of crimes associated with drug addiction are property crimes–theft, trafficking in stolen property, taking motor vehicles and even the noxious but not physically threatening identity theft.  As such, they are often eligible for the residential DOSA alternative to prison. Continue reading


Contrary to popular belief, in Washington a police officer cannot simply pull you over based on a “hunch”; there has to be a viable cause, or what is referred to as “reasonable suspicion” for the stop. Be it a minor traffic violation such as running a red light or perhaps an even lesser infraction like a defunct headlight, the officer in question cannot initiate a traffic stop based strictly on the fact the he/she thinks you may have been drinking. That said, assuming you are pulled over as a result of a valid suspicion, being knowledgeable about your rights at that moment and knowing precisely how to act, speak and behave is critical for any future DUI defense.

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