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1. What courts do you go to?
We represent clients in the Distict and Superior Courts of Pierce, King, Snohomish, Thurston, Kitsap, Mason, Kittitas, Jefferson, and Clallum Counties. Also we appear in most of the municipal courts in the area, Seattle Municipal Court, Tacoma Municipal Court, Bellevue Municipal Court, Kent Municipal Court being just a few of the largest examples.

2. What areas of law do you practice in?
We serve our clients in many types of cases. A lot of our practice consist of DUI cases and Domestic Violence cases. Another significant portion of our clients are accused of felony level offenses of all kinds including Assault, Felony DUI, Theft, Robbery, Drug and Firearm offenses. In addition to these criminal cases we also assist our clients in several fields of law related to criminal defense. Immigration, Civil Rights Restoration, Expungement and/or Vacation of Criminal Records, and Drug Asset Forfeiture Defense are most of the types of cases we assist our clients with. If you have a question about whether we would handle the type of case you have and its not listed here, please contact us.

3. What would you charge to represent me in my case?
Please see our page on Fees for that answer.

4. Why do I need an attorney? I'm guilty so when I appear for my first court date and when the judge asks me for my plea I'll just say I'm guilty. I'd be lying otherwise right?
Well, the short answer to that is you absolutely need an attorney to help you. First, many people think that they are guilty of something that they actually didn't do. The law is very complex and technical and an attorney can help you with your situation. Second, whether or not you feel you did something wrong, your first appearance on the case when you don't have an attorney who knows all the facts of your situation to advise and assist you is probably the worst time to be making a decision like this. A finding that you are guilty of the crime is a legal outcome that may or may not occur as the result of a process begun by the prosecution and that should not end until all the facts are known and actions of the government are determined to be justified and correct. Additionally, if you want to plead guilty you can always change your plea later. To protect your rights, you should make sure that your lawyer has been fully advised of your situation, the actual real world consequences of your plea, and the probable sentence the judge might impose on your case. Even if you are guilty, an attorney can often help you mitigate your sentence or even get a reduced charge in your case.

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